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Education is the key to a prosperous future

At BIT we believe that education is the best way to create a future generation of leaders. A group of young individuals that will steer Burkina Faso towards success. We need your help in order to provide students with the facilities, the knowledge, and the mindset they need to become these leaders. By supporting BIT, you give motivated students the chance to flourish and act as a catalyst for positive change in Burkina Faso.

We are still growing

While BIT is already creating a significant impact, we are not done yet! In the next academic year we will be opening a second bachelor course on electrical engineering with a focus on renewable energies. Additionally, BIT is growing, as new classes will join every year. These expansions require new facilities, more professors, and most importantly: your help! BIT aims to maximize its impact by continually growing as an Institute. However, we cannot do this alone and are extremely thankful for any support we receive going forward.


We are planning to plant 500 new trees on our campus in the coming years. You can donate shade to our students by contributing 50 € per tree (incl. digging, fertilizing, water supply).


In Burkina Faso, books are in short supply, but much needed for our students. Donate 100 books for our library for 2,500 €.

Laboratory Materials

For our electrical engineering class, we are building up a laboratory where students can get hands-on experience with electrical applications. Contribute 5,000 € and help us to educate much needed engineers for the country.

Practical Experience 

Some of our students are pursuing international internships in Ghana, Côte d’Ivoire, and other countries outside of Africa. Support a student’s experience with a 1,000 € grant for accommodation, food, and international transport. 


For our new students this year, we need laptops at 1,000 € each. Contribute to educating a new generation of IT personnel for Burkina Faso.


We are a non-profit university but still need tuition fees to finance our operations. Unfortunately, for girls, this becomes an insurmountable hurdle. Help out one student by providing a partial scholarship (tuition only) for 1.500 € per year or a full scholarship (including computer, housing, food, and internship) for 4.500 € per year.


The cost for lecture halls and auditoriums ranges from 150,000 € to 350,000 €.


We need much more on-campus student housing to ease the application of students from other cities and to vitalize campus life. Help us in covering the construction costs. The buildings are named after you. The cost of housing for 8 students is 60,000 €.

Chair Financing

For the most avid supporters of our project, we are offering the financing and naming of our computer science, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and master program chair. You will be named if you cover 50% of the cost for a 5-year period. The cost of a chair ranges from 110,000 € to 220,000 € per year.

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