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Academics at BIT

Aims of Our Courses

Encouraging students to think like entrepreneurs in order to convert their technical skills into new business opportunities will be of great importance in the future. The main goal of our programs of study is to enable Burkina’s young generation to become successful entrepreneurs and leaders in their country.

Why Study at BIT

Our courses are interdisciplinary with a focus on technical skills, mathematics, entrepreneurship, and English. Students put their theoretical knowledge into practice in individual and teamwork projects. All of this is possible because our professors are highly qualified and motivated and we will provide you with computers and a working internet connection at our university.

Our Way of Teaching

We offer a combination of courses from top universities through Open Online Sources. We have small classes with a maximum of 30 students to ensure an intense and efficient learning experience for every student’s needs. Each semester is divided into three periods with a focus on teaching in the first two periods and practical application of the achieved theoretical knowledge in the last period.

BIT is truly unique because this institute aims to innovate in the world of education, training our students according to national and international standards. BIT provides high quality technology (high tech computers, fast internet connection, etc) to students, something that we rarely find in other universities.

My personal goal is to ensure students receive an education that meets and surpasses national and international standards. At BIT we guarantee quality training and good academic follow-up and help these young students be great entrepreneurs in the near future, in order to provide Burkina Faso with leaders in the field of different technologies.

Rodrigue Kabore


Cutting Edge

All aspects of BIT are cutting edge. Students have access to personal laptops and a working internet connection. Additionally, online courses complement lectures and ensure that students always have access to the most up to date and quality information.

Starting successful new businesses is crucial for Burkina Faso’s youth. But Entrepreneurship is also a way of life, which we teach through our entrepreneurship modules at BIT. It means being a problem-solver, an innovator and educated risk taker in everyday life.

Real Life Skills

Technical knowledge is increasingly important, as technology is becoming more and more complex. However, these skills are only as useful as one’s ability to apply them to real world problems. At BIT students gain real life skills through projects and internships.

Every country needs leaders. Our English education ensures that students are qualified to engage with others internationally. By discussing implications of technology and underlying ethics BIT educates leaders that will make a positive change.


edX, Lecturio & Guest Lectures

  • Cutting-edge courses from the world’s best universities
  • Becoming familiar with new technologies
  • Globally minded students
  • Widened horizons & Intercultural exchange of ideas
  • Meeting experts with hands-on experience in their fields
    • View lectures here

    Professors from leading European universities 

    • Inspired by the idea of fostering the socio-economic development of Burkina Faso, Kostis Christodoulou from London Business School and Sven-Olaf Gerdt from University of Münster provide online courses to the students.
    • While Kostis Christodoulou focuses in his course on the analysis and understanding of data with the programming language R, Sven-Olaf Gerdt explains different business models in detail and how these can evolve over time.
    • United by a very practical orientation, both courses include numerous real life examples and encourage the development of technical and presentation skills.
    • Annual Internships guaranteed
    • Familiarity with professional environments
    • Exposure to project management and entrepreneurship in companies
    • Applying knowledge in real world
    Frequently Asked Questions
    Number of Semesters/Credits
    6 Semesters/180 ECTS, Full-time
    Bachelor of Science (B. Sc.)
    Course Begin
    Wintersemester, beginning of October
    Admission Conditions
    We accept BAC C, BAC, D, BAC E
    Extra Curricula

    We offer a full sport’s program on Campus, including Football, Volleyball and Basketball. Also, we have a kitchen on campus where fresh lunch will be cooked every day.

    We really want our students to have a balanced and healthy lifestyle which will enhance their abilities to study.