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The BIT Accelerator

We support students to achieve their entrepreneurial aspirations

The BIT Accelerator supports motivated BIT students to become the next leaders in their community. Students will have the unique opportunity to develop and launch their own business.
They will join a community of entrepreneurs committed to making a positive impact in Burkina Faso.

Prof. Susanne Pertl

Founder & President BIT

“In Burkina, good jobs for young people are rare. The BIT accelerator tackles this problem & supports students in founding their own start up. To create jobs that will benefit the society of Burkina.”

Karim Sawadogo

Deputy Academic Director BIT

“The accelerator program is a unique opportunity for our students to realize their own entrepreneurial projects in a beneficial environment with dedicated, supportive mentors.”

Uta Stratmann

Head of BIT Accelerator

“The BIT Accelerator offers enables students to start their own business leveraging their academic know-how, the experience of first-class strategy consultants & real industry experts.”

Patrick Yanogo

BIT Accelerator Alumnus & CEO Esante (Telemedicine)

“The accelerator program is a highly valuable & inspiring experience. The support from mentors & access to relevant partners was essential to launch our company & to grow personally.”

The BIT Accelerator Program is part of the BIT curriculum and supports BIT students in launching their own business

Semesters 1 to 5: Students learn entrepreneurial skills in workshops during their studies

Semester 6: Students develop a business idea during the Business Plan Workshop and Seminar

After graduation: In the 1-year BIT Accelerator program, students are supported in founding their business

BIT Accelerator Success Stories

Participant Testimonials

Nicolas Kabre

I’m in the accelerator program because it’s n occasion for me to launch myself in the real entrepreneurial world.
As an entrepreneur, my goal is to use all my skills, on the one hand, to improve our daily lives and make a profit on the other.

Nafissatou Yameogo

I am in the accelerator to realize my dream of becoming a strong & independent young professional.
As an entrepreneur, I want to leverage my knowledge to further develop our country and impact my generation positively.

Donald Dakuyo

My motivation for being an entrepreneur is to make a positive difference in the world by creating something new & innovative. We must take the risk of creating an enterprise to solve the many problems in our country and to create jobs for our community

Antony Dongobada

The ongoing support & mentorship by the BIT Accelerator provides us the skills & knowledge required to bring our ideas to life.
My goal as an entrepreneur is to build a business that will have a great impact on my society.

Walioulahi Rouamba

The BIT Accelerator is an unique opportunity to gain hands-on experience along the entire entrepreneurial journey
My goal is to create a successful & sustainable business that makes a meaningful impact on our society

Brice Zane

I want to be in the accelerator program to found my own company and to impact my community
An own company is an innovative way to counteract the many challenges such as unemployment in our country

Silvere Semde

I consider being an entrepreneur as one of the greatest salvations for our society
I want to contribute to the efficient electrification of Burkina Faso by leveraging my knowledge I gained throughout my studies

Edewige Yameogo

I want to be in the accelerator program to found my own company and to impact my community
An own company is an innovative way to counteract the many challenges such as unemployment in our country

Inoussa Simpore

The BIT Business Plan Seminar teaches us the basic tools required for becoming a successful entrepreneur.
My goal is to create products / services that positively impact the lives of my loved ones & support the development of Burkina