BIT named best private higher education institution!

BIT was rewarded with an average score of 18,10 in the report of monitoring and control outputs of private higher education institutions, ranking 1st.

BIT Accelerator

Start your own business at BIT

Entrepreneurship is the core BIT value. With our new BIT Accelerator program, we encourage and support students at BIT to start their own businesses and become successful entrepreneurs, delivering value to the community.

BIT Accelerator Concept

The BIT Accelerator program leverages the knowledge gathered by the students at BIT to transform it into a successful entrepreneurial venture.

We focus on the core BIT value of


and provide the students with the right skills and mindset to achieve their goals. Based on the three elements of success, we cover all steps necessary to start a business, from idea generation to market introduction, seed financing and scaling in order to enrich the startup landscape of Burkina Faso with sustainable businesses.

How does the BIT Accelerator help me, as a student, to successfully start my own business?

The BIT Accelerator supports YOU throughout the entire start-up development process:

Idea Generation

A company is only as strong as the idea it grew from. Therefore, the BIT Accelerator supports students at the very beginning of starting their own businesses: the ideation process. E.g. through workshops and inspiring talks of successful entrepreneurs, we are helping students to develop promising ideas for their start-ups. In this way, students at BIT are enabled to become successful entrepreneurs themselves and create impact.

Market Introduction

After the ideation process, we closely support our students in launching their products the right way. This, among others, includes the definition of the target audience, brand management, creation of a launch timeline, and the launch itself. Furthermore, students having a promising business idea in the later phase of their studies can choose to dedicate the time of their final project to elaborate on a detailed business plan.

Seed Financing

Initial expenses for starting businesses can be quite costly. Financial capital is necessary to e.g. hire staff, lease or buy expensive equipment, or put a deposit down on renting space in a building. For this reason, most start-ups fail without external financing. Therefore, the BIT accelerator also provides financial support. The most promising ideas will get the chance to receive financial support in the form of seed financing.


The goal of the BIT Accelerator is to help students develop leading businesses in Burkina Faso or even greater areas. Accordingly, experienced consultants of Stern Stewart & Co. are also supporting promising BIT ventures in later development stages such as the scaling. Thereby, the program offers support in areas e.g. securing further financial capital beyond seed financing, geographical expansion, or talent acquisition.

Our Recent Activities

Final Event of SimCompanies – Business Simulation Game

Final Event of SimCompanies – Business Simulation Game

Just in time before Christmas, we finished our first pilot with the SimCompanies Business Simulation Game and could celebrate our winners properly. Until the very end, the teams in groups of three proved their analytical and entrepreneurial skills and had a tight...

Business simulation game

Business simulation game

To improve entrepreneurial skills in a playful and convenient way, students can participate in the business simulation game challenge and lead a company from farming to aerospace manufacturing. In teams of 3 students have to prove analytical and entrepreneurial skills...

Start-up track

Start-up track

In 2021, the first class will graduate from BIT. The accelerator program offers the start-up track, where students formulate, validate, and introduce a business idea as their final projects. During the whole time, experienced consultants from Stern Stewart & Co...

2nd (Digital) Accelerator Workshop

2nd (Digital) Accelerator Workshop

If I finally come up with a promising idea how do I validate and develop it? Those were the questions we answered in our recent Accelerator workshop. While Coronavirus certainly tried to sabotage our ambitious plans, we reacted quickly and resolutely switching to...

First pilot accelerator workshop

First pilot accelerator workshop

Right before Christmas, we conducted the first pilot accelerator workshop with the 2nd year Computer Science & Entrepreneurship students at BIT. Teresa & Uta came to Burkina Faso full of real-life business examples, brainstorming techniques, and easy ways to...