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Female Empowerment at BIT

BIT women become the architect of their own making

We created a platform where our female students can feel self-determined, strong, and bold to share their dreams & ideas for their future. The Female Empowerment Program supports our female students from the Burkina Institute of Technology. The Program aims to support & make an impact for our girls in the following areas:


  • Strengthen the female student’s perception in society
  • Learn more about themselves & gain confidence in topics they usually do not get in touch with
  • Intensify their role as students
  • Support of the student’s everyday life
  • Maximize the students’ career opportunities

To me, female empowerment means firstly, the capability for a woman to take any decisions. Secondly, it means that women have to be creative and then be able to defend their idea and persist to get people’s attention in order to fight again the prejudice, gender inequality in the world. And they are some women that already impact the world through their hard work like Michelle Obama, Sheryl, and others that we can imitate in order to be empowered women in the future.

Alice Bouda

It still needs to be said, the issue of women’s empowerment is a constant struggle. Therefore, we can only praise the initiative from COGNOS International & Friedrich Naumann Foundation of Freedom, which allows us to create new ways of learning, sharing & empowering. It is always a great pleasure for us to come & share our experiences and receive new ones in our weekly sessions.

Dolores Neya

I was very pleased with the presentation on women’s leadership. I learned a lot and I was able to fight my shyness. I was able to express myself freely in front of my classmates and it was very exciting. They asked the questions and made additions. They asked the questions and added to them, so I was able to improve my English language despite some difficulties.

Nafissatou Yameogo

This is how we do it

We meet once a week in our hybrid classroom where we discuss, reflect & share.
Our Female Empowerment Program offers different formats of group work, peer & tandem learning and is supported by speeches & talks from other girls and women from Africa.

Here are some of our topics:

  • Financial Basics
  • Role of women in Modern Society
  • Balancing Family & Work
  • Dress Code
  • Time and Self-Management
  • Well-Being
  • Stress Reduction
  • Decision Making
  • Positive Thinking & Mindfulness

Are you interested in becoming a supporting partner of our program in terms of Scholarships, Workshops, Deep Dive Sessions, 1 to 1 Coaching & Mentoring?

Get in touch with us:

Charlotte Rahe

+ 0151 61 777 77 1

Head of Female Empowerment @COGNOS International & Ambassador of the Burkina Institute of Technology

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