3 dorms opened in 2019

43 current residents

4-5 new dorms in 2022

The dorms are vitalizing campus life

The students living on BIT’s campus have the opportunity to engage with each other after class. They can participate in extracurricular activities, talk about possible start-up ideas, and study for their classes together. The atmosphere of collaboration increases student well-being and fosters academic excellence.

We are expanding on-campus housing availability

On-campus student housing opened to students in October 2021. Three dorms house up to 16 students each. Four to five new dorm buildings will be constructed in 2022.

Widening horizons and equal access

Our dorms enable the best students from across the country to come to BIT and live right on our campus. This allows us to accommodate students with different backgrounds, making our campus more diverse.

A safe and affordable home for many students

Our dorms are a great and safe place for students to live. Both male and female students can find a home in our dorms. The current student residents are taking care of these new buildings very well through intense organization.