The BIT Facebook page has, unfortunately, been hacked. Please disregard any information posted on the page. We are doing our best to resolve the issue.  - 4.2.2024

Founding BIT

Dear friends,

In the Summer of 2017 the dream of building a university in Koudougou, Burkina Faso was born. Only a year later, in October 2018 we officially opened the Burkina Institute of Technology with our pioneer class of 2021.

Why build a university in Koudougou?

As a growing city in a country with an extremely young population and limited job opportunities, Koudougou needs entrepreneurs with the skills needed in the digitalizing world.

Our vision is to educate a new generation of leaders for Burkina Faso. Leaders who will convert their technical knowledge into business opportunities. Leaders who have strong ethical values, are globally minded and are passionate to serve their society. Leaders who fight for their vision of a better Burkina Faso.

Our curriculums build on the best of many worlds. Modern, interactive teaching is coupled with world class online courses. The first curriculum is an interdisciplinary course in computer science, entrepreneurship and leadership. For our class of 2022 we will additionally offer an electrical engineering course with a focus on renewable energies.

In the name of all our current and future students we are thankful for the generous support we received. But we have only just started! We will continue to need your support in the future. Thank you!


Susanne Pertl