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BIT’s academic year consists of two semesters. The first semester of every academic year begins mid of October to mid of February, and the second semester runs from March to June. Tuition fee per semester is 275,000 CFA.

Scholarships at BIT

We are committed to granting equal opportunities to students who are qualified to attend BIT, regardless of their financial resources. Thanks to The Stern Stewart Institute e.V. and grants from generous individuals and organizations, BIT is awarding significant need-based financial aid. Students with scholarships will be eligible for full or partial financial support in covering their tuition fees.

  • Scholarships are awarded to students prior to their enrolment into BIT
  • All fees are subject to review each semester, and semester expenses may vary
  • Scholarship awards vary depending on proven need, leadership and academic potential, and availability of funds
How are scholarship decisions made?

The selection process begins by determining whether a student qualifies to be admitted into BIT, based on each applicant’s overall profile. Applicants are then evaluated on the basis of documented financial need; at this stage, a thorough assessment is made of all applicant information gathered by the Scholarship Committee.

Based on the financial aid request, applicants are placed into one of three categories: High Need, Medium Need or Low Need. For each category of aid, there is a set amount of funding BIT can award.

Students in each category are ranked based on the competitiveness of their application. Students who receive scholarships typically demonstrate that they would be

  • otherwise unable to afford attending BIT
  • able to successfully complete academic work at BIT
  • active contributors to the community
Who can apply for a scholarship?

Typically, scholarships are awarded to top-performing students from low income and middle-income families. The scholarships can cover 25%, 50%, 75% or 100% of tuition and are valid for one year. Any family that cannot afford the full fees should complete a financial aid application form and submit it with their admissions application. The Scholarship Committee will determine the amount of your award on the basis of demonstrated need and the strength of your application. You cannot apply for a scholarship after you have been admitted.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does BIT offer scholarships?


Will I need to submit any supporting documentation with my financial aid application?

Yes. A letter requesting why you need a scholarship is required. Families will also be required to submit bank statements, pay slips and any other relevant documentation. The more information you can include to support your inability to pay the full fees, the easier it will be to process your request.

Will my scholarship be renewed every year?

In the following year, Scholarship awards vary depending on proven need, leadership and academic potential. 

When will I know whether I have been awarded a scholarship?

The admissions office will give you a date you can expect to hear back from BIT, based on the date you applied. You will receive both your admission and scholarship decision at the same time.