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Business simulation game

To improve entrepreneurial skills in a playful and convenient way, students can participate in the business simulation game challenge and lead a company from farming to aerospace manufacturing. In teams of 3 students have to prove analytical and entrepreneurial skills...

Start-up track

In 2021, the first class will graduate from BIT. The accelerator program offers the start-up track, where students formulate, validate, and introduce a business idea as their final projects. During the whole time, experienced consultants from Stern Stewart & Co will...

2nd (Digital) Accelerator Workshop

If I finally come up with a promising idea how do I validate and develop it? Those were the questions we answered in our recent Accelerator workshop. While Coronavirus certainly tried to sabotage our ambitious plans, we reacted quickly and resolutely switching to...

FH JOANNEUM International Student Project for West Afrika

Students of the bachelor’s degree program “Management of International Business Processes” already work on company projects during their studies. They have advised the Styrian company Komptech on its market entry in West Africa.

First pilot accelerator workshop

Right before Christmas, we conducted the first pilot accelerator workshop with the 2nd year Computer Science & Entrepreneurship students at BIT. Teresa & Uta came to Burkina Faso full of real-life business examples, brainstorming techniques, and easy ways to approach...

Accra Internships

Four of our students having an intense and interesting time during their internship in Accra, Ghana. They are working at „Yasalam“, an incubator where they are involved in graphic design, press communications, initiation on mobile development. They also get an insight...

Building a website as an agile Team

During the last three weeks, the students at BIT had the chance to be part of a project with Michael Stockerl from the Digital Product School of UnternehmerTUM. The students learned how to design and build a service-oriented team website. The focus was also on working...

Widening Horizons

Rodrigue Kabore, Dean of BIT, participated in a conference on Geospatial Data, Artificial Intelligence, and Development at the University Bordeaux Montaigne in Bordeaux. At this roundtable, he was with: Kossi Amessinou, Benin Ministry of Planning Luc Missidimbazi,...

BIT officially opens!

Today we celebrated the official Inauguration of our Burkina Institute of Technology. We were honored to welcome Mr. Zagré, Chief of Staff for the President, Mr. Maïga, Minister of High Education, of Innovation and Research, Mr. Bonanet, Minister of Housing and Mr....

Guest Lectures

Guest Lecture by Professor Dr. Wolfgang Bösch

Professor Dr. Wolfgang Bösch, Technical Unversity of Graz, is currently giving guest lectures at BIT. This will comprise lectures on energy systems such as power plants and wind and solar energy, autonomous driving, microwave technologies, and their applications and many more.
Le professeur Dr. Wolfgang Bösch, de l’Université technique de Graz, donne actuellement des cours invités au BIT. Il s’agit de conférences sur les systèmes énergétiques tels que les centrales électriques et les énergies éolienne et solaire, la conduite autonome, les technologies à micro-ondes et leurs applications et bien d’autres encore.

Guest Lecture by Professor Dr. Doris Kiendl

With Professor Dr. Doris Kiendl, we were able to bring another guest lecturer to the BIT. Doris, who holds a chair in International Management, lectures at the Johanneum University of Applied Sciences in Graz, Austria.
She has taught the students of Computer Science in the following areas: Entreprise creation from the business idea to the business model as well as the structure of the European Union including its institutions and its relationship with African states. In the workshop Enterprise Creation, the students had to present and introduce their own ideas. The best ideas were awarded prizes.
Avec le professeur Dr Doris Kiendl, nous avons pu inviter un autre conférencier au BIT. Doris, qui détient une chaire en management international, enseigne à l’Université Johanneum des sciences appliquées de Graz, en Autriche.
Elle a enseigné aux étudiants en informatique dans les domaines suivants : Création d’entreprise, de l’idée commerciale au modèle d’entreprise, ainsi que la structure de l’Union européenne, y compris ses institutions et ses relations avec les États africains. Dans le workshop “Création d’entreprise”, les étudiants devaient présenter et introduire leurs propres idées. Les meilleures idées ont été récompensées par des prix.

M&S BIT Website Picture

In the intensive Management & Strategy Case Study Weekend @ BIT, the students had the chance to apply the HBS case study method and to put themselves into the position of CEOs and Co-founders to work on solutions for real-world problems. The lecture was held by Johannes Nyari (Stern Stewart & Co.) which gave the students the opportunity to get hands-on knowledge & insights from the work in an international strategy consultancy.

Lectures by Nadia Riedl

Nadia Riedl, a student at the TU Munich, teaches the “Microsoft office module” to our students at BIT.

Guest Lecture by Dr. Nikolaus Schrader

Dr. Nikolaus Schrader, Attorney-at-Law and Partner at PwC Legal Germany, talks about democracy and the negative implications of corruption to the BIT students.


FH JOANNEUM International Student Project for West Afrika

FH JOANNEUM International Student Project for West Afrika

Students of the bachelor’s degree program “Management of International Business Processes” already work on company projects during their studies. They have advised the Styrian company Komptech on its market entry in West Africa.

The students slip into the role of external consultants and go through the entire project cycle. © FH JOANNEUM / Maximilian Thum

Market analysis, international market entry, development of international business models – these are the topics that the students of ” Management of international business processes ” in the third and sixth semester deal with together with companies. The students slip into the role of external consultants and go through the entire project cycle – from the detailed planning, implementation and controlling of projects to the professional preparation and presentation of the results to the company. A teacher is available to the students as a coach. The time corset is very tight at twelve weeks and the project language is English. It is important to work quickly but intensively and according to the wishes of the customers and to deal with complex tasks.

Practice projects with real challenges

In the winter semester 2019/2020, third semester students worked on a market study for Komptech , The leading technology provider of machines and systems for waste treatment and processing. The aim was to investigate the market entry potential of six African countries and to provide the company with a basis for a decision for a potential market entry.

On site at the project partner Komptech. Foto © privat

Cooperation with University in Burkina Faso

In order to gain the best possible insight into the African market and to better determine the situation on the ground, the project members cooperated with students from BIT –Burkina Institute of Technology . The BIT is a university in Burkina Faso and has been a cooperation partner of the Institute International Management.

The students succeeded in presenting comprehensive results and concrete recommendations for further action to the Komptech company. Foto © privat

Challenge completed!

The project teams, consisting of five to six students from FH JOANNEUM and one or two students from BIT each, have succeeded in gaining a deep insight into the realities of the African target markets and, above all, the prevailing structures of the waste management industry. The general conditions for the students were more than challenging: a very technology-intensive industry, few available sources and, in addition, a language barrier that existed in some cases. Nevertheless, the students managed to present the Komptech company with comprehensive results and concrete recommendations for further action. And they have shown that they can successfully put their theoretical knowledge into practice.

FH JOANNEUM is distinguished by the practical relevance of its teaching, and the Institute of International Management is pleased to welcome further start-ups, SMEs and corporations as cooperation partners for project courses in the Bachelor’s degree programme in “Management of International Business Processes”. Many of the graduates start their career with one of the practice-based companies.