due to COVID-19, we are teaching through digital, offline courses

admissions for the 2020-2021 academic year are open

Internships for 100% of students

Internships are the best way to gain practical experience, so we make sure that ALL of our students complete an internship. We thank the companies that took our students as interns.

I would like to thank my institute for giving me the opportunity to complete  my internship at the DGTIC. This internship was very beneficial to me both professionally and intellectually.


We did a lot of different things at DGDI: web platform conception, software installation, and we also took part in Digital Week as an organizer. It’s digital or nothing!



CS Class of 22

Agiitech, Amichal Tech, Apisavana, Atelier Maintenance Informatique, Cabinet Notaire , Groupe Tam-Tam Presse, Institute Imagine, Laafi, Lazone, MDENP, Natuco, Nos3s, Pharmacie Fang Yonre, Pharmacie Laafi, Rock Techno, Secreteriat Top Multi Service, Tara Service, VTS, Yamba Hub


CS Class of 21

Apisavana, Ciapes, Cimburkina, DGTIC, Institute Imagine, Lazone, MDENP, Ministère Eau et Assainissement, Onatel, One Dollar Glasses, Pharmacie Fang Yonre, Rock Techno, Sn Erfac, Sycom, VTS, Yamba Digital Hub, Yamba Hub


EE Class of 22

Agiitech, Alpha, Apisavana, Atelier Installation Batiment, Badiel Enterprise, Centre Hospitalier Régionale, Global Electrique Syst, Grand Moulin, Laafi, MDENP, ONEA, Pharmacie Habib, RADIO PALABRE, Rock Techno, Sn Erfac, SOPAM