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Electrical Engineering

Department of Engineering

No matter the challenge, BIT Alumni will be able to evaluate the feasibility of a project from a business and from an engineering point of view. The bachelor program in electrical engineering and renewable energies at BIT shapes engineers of tomorrow and opens a world of opportunities.

An increasingly important subject

Electric engineers work at the forefront of practical technological evolution. They develop everything from pocket calculators to complex renewable energy systems such as solar power systems. The six-semester bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering and Renewable Energies teaches the necessary engineering capabilities required by a professional in electrical technology for renewable energy systems.

State-of-the-art education

The program provides students access to a wide range of cutting-edge learning materials from German and American universities in courses such as mathematics, electronics, photovoltaics, and storage technology. The syllabus is taught in small classes in a state-of-the-art campus and excellent, international tutors. Throughout each semester, students have the possibility to work in teams on different practical courses such as “Solar thermal energy project” or “Building a small micro-grid”. By applying their knowledge in these practical courses, students maximize their learning experience at BIT.

Focus on entrepreneurship and real life application

This bachelor enables students to develop the mindset of entrepreneurs. The students’ practical knowledge will be complemented by business skills, giving students an ideal foundation for today’s engineering world. Required team projects strengthen students’ problem-solving, interpersonal and communication capabilities. Additionally, students will learn time and resource management, while assessing risks involved in business projects.

Excellent employment opportunities

The electrical engineering industry is growing rapidly. Given the nature of technological progression, there are numerous different occupations for future BIT Alumni. Future career paths may include the government, the private sector or alumni founded startups. We envision our students designing new power systems for their villages and playing a role in providing solar energy to the whole country.

Cutting-edge learning materials, small classes and practical projects challenge students to grow as individuals. During the six semesters, our students gain diverse business and engineering skills and are trained to be future African leaders.