due to COVID-19, we are teaching through digital, offline courses

admissions for the 2020-2021 academic year are open

Become a student at BIT

At BIT the Students will Profit from Opportunities that Encourage Professional and Personal Growth

Students will have the opportunity to study in a unique and modern architecture. The curriculum includes very modern teaching methods like online courses. English – the IT language — is very important to us and crucial in order to succeed in the global environment.


The education is accompanied by the possibility of an active campus life. Students have the opportunity to: play sports on the volleyball-, football- and basketball courts, run for student government and compete in the 6 weeks block.

Off campus, our students will complete internships in Burkina Faso and abroad. BIT will work closely with private sector partners to give all our students the opportunity to experience hands-on practice and to develop competencies they will later need in their career.

At the Burkina institute of technology innovation and entrepreneurship are essential. We enroll students who are passionate to initiate ideas, build exciting careers and become future leaders.

BIT offers exceptional guest lectures

Guest Lecture by Professor Dr. Wolfgang Bösch

Professor Dr. Wolfgang Bösch, Technical Unversity of Graz, is currently giving guest lectures at BIT. This will comprise lectures on energy systems such as power plants and wind and solar energy, autonomous driving, microwave technologies, and their applications and...

Guest Lecture by Professor Dr. Doris Kiendl

With Professor Dr. Doris Kiendl, we were able to bring another guest lecturer to the BIT. Doris, who holds a chair in International Management, lectures at the Johanneum University of Applied Sciences in Graz, Austria. She has taught the students of Computer Science...

M&S BIT Website Picture

In the intensive Management & Strategy Case Study Weekend @ BIT, the students had the chance to apply the HBS case study method and to put themselves into the position of CEOs and Co-founders to work on solutions for real-world problems. The lecture was held by...

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an age requirement to apply?

No. Prospective applicants only need a secondary school diploma.

Does BIT offer scholarships?

Yes. See the tuition section.

Do I need an English Qualification of Certificate to apply?


Can I transfer to BIT from another university?

Yes. But you can not transfer any credits, you start with 0 credits.

Is BIT accredited?

BIT is on the process to get accredited by the Burkina Faso Ministry of Education.

What is the academic schedule?

You can find all the information under academics and course.

What is the attendance policy?

Attending class is necessary to earn a passing grade at BIT.

How will BIT help me find an internship?

BITs Team provides students with critical career development skills to simplify the internship- and job-search process. The board members will help the students to find challenging internships, also abroad.