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Computer Science and Entrepreneurship

Bachelor of Science

Aims of the Course

Encouraging students to think like entrepreneurs in order to convert their IT skills into new business opportunities will be of great importance in the future. The main goal of this study program is to enable you, the young generation, to become successful entrepreneurs and leaders in your country.

Why Study at our University

The course is interdisciplinary with a focus on computer science, mathematics, entrepreneurship, English and different programming languages. You will put your theoretical knowledge into practice in exercises, such as programming and teamwork projects. All of this is only possible because in our university we will provide you with computers and a working internet connection.

Our way of teaching

We offer a combination of courses from top universities through Open Online Sources. We have small classes with a maximum of 30 students to ensure an intense and efficient learning experience for every student’s needs. Each semester is divided into three periods with a focus on teaching in the first two periods and practical application of the achieved theoretical knowledge in the last period.

Frequently Asked Questions

Number of Semesters/Credits

6 Semesters/180 ECTS, Full-time


Bachelor of Science (B. Sc.)

Course Begin

Wintersemester, beginning of October



Admission Conditions

We accept BAC C, BAC, D, BAC E

Extra Curricula

We offer a full sport’s program on Campus, including Football, Volleyball and Basketball. Also, we have a kitchen on campus where fresh lunch will be cooked every day.

We really want our students to have a balanced and healthy lifestyle which will enhance their abilities to study.